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This review of 43 Things is designed in a modular format so that it can be read in parts or as a whole. However, if followed in order, a reader will gain a more complete understanding of 43 Things. This discussion begins with the practical and gradually examines 43 Things in light of more theoretical concerns. To continue, please click next at the bottom of this page or choose a section from the left hand menu.

43 Things is a site that allows users to share and track their to-do lists with others. Each user is allowed up to 43 items on their list. The site FAQ explains that anymore than 43 items would be too many for a busy person. However, users are also able to create 43 item lists on a variety of related topics, including 43 things they have completed. Below is my current to do list.

For each item on one's list, a user is allowed to post entries on their progress or thoughts concerning the goal. Like in a blog, users are able to comment on each others entries. Users are also able to "cheer" the entry. Cheering is simply acknowledging someone's entry in a postive way to encourage them along. Users have the entry, comment, and cheer functions for each list that they keep. Functions unique to each list are also offered. For example, when one adds a new item to his or her things completed list, he or she is able to designate whether they are "willing to help" or "not willing to help" others reach that goal.